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We helping thousands of customers each month with their short-term cash needs.

A market not serviced by traditional financial institutions. Customers in need of quick cash can obtain a fast and easy loan in as little as 24 hours through the technology of the Internet and the Operational Excellence of Fast Payday Loan Store.

Our Customer Support Staff is available to help with any questions and guide you through the loan process. We have a Toll Free number to call as well as a Toll Free Fax number to help you save time and money with the loan application.

We use the best technology to protect you and your personal financial information. You will create a personal login that will enable you to update any of your information at any time you choose. It will also enable you to reapply in seconds without having to go through the entire application process again.

Our online application only takes a few minutes to complete. You can apply from the safety and convenience of your own home or office. Fast Payday loan Store provides loans to our customers of up to $1000 that can be directly deposited into your bank account the same day. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

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Your Advantages Of Payday Loans USA:

  • Cash advance in one hour literally means what it says: in most cases the requested funds will be transferred to your bank account just within an hour.
  • Most people, regardless of their credit score, can apply for instant cash loans online. That means to get fast cash now you’ll have to meet minimum requirements.
  • Easy cash advance is effortless. US fast cash doesn’t suggest any paperwork or going to the bank. In other words, you can get US cash advance online, staying in the comfort of your home.


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What are the requirements for approval?

To be eligible for our loans, you must have: • Have your current job or benefits for at least 3 months. • Have a valid checking or savings account for at least 3 months. • Monthly net income minimum of $1000.

What if I have poor credit?

No problem! Unlike many other financial institutions, we do not require that you have good credit or, for that matter, any credit history at all. If you have any questions about qualifying for a payday loan, please contact us

What documents do you require to fax in?

Nothing! Unlike other lenders, We are utilizing proprietary underwriting to approve your loan without any faxing! Our 24/7 online application is completely paperless and faxless.

Is my payday loan secure and confidential?

Absolutely! Your sensitive information is safe and secure with us.Finally, we transact all our loans on our secure SSL server, utilizing the industry highest standard.

A short-term loan with a long-term bond of trust!

Simple and Fast Cash Loans Online

There are times when you have urgent needs but you just don’t have enough resources to get it. What will you do when you’re in this kind of situation? Will you get a loan from banks or lending institutions? But this will take long before it gets approved. What about a fast cash loan? The fast cash loan is also termed as a payday loan and unlike banks, it doesn’t have strict requirements. Some consider this type of loan as their lifesaver and maybe you will, too, in the future.

Credit investigation is not part of the process, which means that even people with low credit ratings is welcome to apply for this loan. For your to be granted a fast cash loan, all you need to have is a loaded checking account and a regular income. This can be availed over the Internet making it fast and convenient for the borrowers.

The easiest way to obtain a fast cash loan is by applying online. Once approved, your loan shall be credited to your checking account usually within one hour.

In fast cash loans, you can only borrow an amount that you can afford to pay, which is quite advantageous because your debt (cash) will only be on the minimum and that you do not have to worry about it for a long time, unless you miss your due date.

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Fast Payday Loan Store Online: get cash and go

If you need some extra money to buoy you up till your next payday, it`s very simple to borrow it here. Our fast payday loan store exists to make your life and your financial situation easier.

When you visit our online store and apply for a payday loan, you get it right away. The principle is almost the same as in a common store, the only difference is that you will have to pay later, when you are ready to do that. Every time you come across unforeseen expenses, every time you face difficulties with money, you should know that we are always ready to help you. We don`t do anything extraordinary. We just borrow our clients small sums of money that help them get through for a week or two. As we said, these sums are small, so it`s not a big trouble to repay them.

Payday loan store is the fastest way to get extra cash. Why is it so fast? Well, you apply for a payday loan and you receive it via Internet, sitting at home in front of your computer. No red tape, no long lines, no credit check. The loan application is processed online, so you receive the answer in 30 minutes or so. After your application is approved, we send money to your account. The whole process lasts no more than 1 hour! So, be sure that you will receive the necessary sum and will be able to spend it right away!

Fast loan approval is not the only advantage of our company. All our clients know that we don`t hide any fees from them, so they can avoid unexpected expenses and unpleasant problems. Moreover, we don`t make any credit history check. If your credit history is bad or if you don`t have it at all, you still can apply for a payday loan and you will definitely receive it!
Don`t worry about your loan approval. We approve almost all loans, and yours won`t be an exception.. Get rid of money problems with our help!

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We are here to help you get rid of annoying financial problems that don`t let you move fast and easy

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