All questions about instant loans online

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1. What is a payday loan?

Payday loan is a unique online credit service for people who need urgent money. The main advantage is fast decision making and absence of bureaucracy. Your credit history does not play any role and almost everyone who asks for a credit may receive it during a very short period of time.

2. I need money today and I have to know about your decision. When will you inform me about the result of my application form?

We value time of our clients so we give the answer during several minutes. It makes the procedure pleasant and very convenient.

3. Is it really a fully online service or I will have to visit your office at all accounts?

The procedure of receiving money loans operates only online. You do not have to go anywhere in order to apply for a credit. Everything is made via internet in several clicks. You make an application, wait for decision, and receive money if the decision is positive.

4. What documents do I need?

You will have to fill in your personal data and inform us about ID data. The procedure is rather simple and very easy. No extra documents and income certificates are required.

5. What about my credit history? Does it play any role?

Instant loan service does not checkup information concerning client’s credit history. We trust our borrowers and make everything what depends upon us for the simplification of the credit receiving mechanism.

6. Do I need any mortgage as a guarantee of money repayment?

No, the mortgage is not needed. The main advantage of money loan service is that it works without additional terms. We do not use pawns so far as it will make the procedure long lasting, ineffective and will create additional obstacles to our clients.

7. I have never used payday loan service, is it better to take money in a bank?

Our service offers you to take money without additional delays and requirements. In a bank you will be asked to provide a huge set of documents and the procedure may take much of your precious time. Besides, the answer surely will not be given during a couple of minutes. The procedure may take days. By the way, we do not ask our clients about a purpose they take money. It is up to you to decide how to spend them.

8. What about repayment conditions?

Money loan service offers flexible terms and conditions for money repayment. In any particular case we try to show understanding and be in client’s shoes.

9. How quickly may I get money?

We understand that our clients want to get money as quickly as possible. For that very reason you may receive your credit during one hour, however there may be situations when it may take up to 24 hours. Though, these situations are rare.

10. How can I receive my money?

It is very simple. After the positive decision was made, money will be transferred to your bank card and will be available almost immediately.